Study in Singapore, the new Asian economic powerhouse. Singapore offers international students a high probability of in-country employment after graduation. Singapore is an anglicized version of the name 'Singapura', which means the 'Land of the Lions'. Singapore is an excellent study destination for Indian students. The visa process is simple and hassle free as well. International students have the option of completing a top-notch course that is on par with what is being offered in the UK and the US, at a much-cheaper cost in Singapore. Being very proximate to India also means cheaper air-fare.
Additionally, institutions from the USA, UK and Australia have opened satellite campuses in Singapore to offer their courses at a subsidized cost. With so many positive factors in place, Singapore is all set to become the number one study abroad destination for Asian students.


Living costs are generally low as the study in Singapore cost. Accommodation takes the most. You can live comfortably and enjoy the good things in life. You can check for the hostel accommodation that may work to be cheap. Yet, be prepared with enough money to manage your personal expenses.


Singaporean universities collaborate regularly with leading universities. Singapore has 6 national universities. There are top ranking universities offering graduate, post graduate and PhD courses in various areas relating to science, media, medicine, statistics and modern language. Our Singapore immigration consultants in Jalandhar can help you in selecting the right courses.

S.No Institute Name Location
1 PSB Academy Singapore
2 Becon International College Singapore
3 Nanyang Institute Singapore
4 Dimension Singapore
5 Sirius Training & Education Institute Pvt. Ltd Singapore
6 Icastec Training & Education College Singapore
7 American Centre For Education Singapore
8 Academics Australasia College Singapore
9 Raffles / JCU / Uni. Of Ballarat Singapore
10 Coleman College Singapore
11 BMC International College Singapore
12 Fortune college Singapore

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